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Fantasia 2011: Review of Invasion of Alien Bikini

Invasion-of-Alien-Bikini-poster-350x500Invasion of Alien Bikini (2011)
Director: Oh Young-doo, Screenplay: Oh Young-doo
Cast: Hong Young-geun, Ha Eun-jung

If the title alone wasn’t enough to pique your curiosity then here’s the obligatory plot summary.  The main character Young-Gun is a wannabe crime fighter whose disguise consists of combing his hair differently and sporting a pornstache.  On one particular night he rescues a woman named Monica whom he brings back to his apartment.  She tries to seduce him but he refuses because of a vow of chastity that he has made but she’s quite insistent oddly demanding for his sperm and doing whatever she can to get it.  Yes there’s something not right about Monica.

You may have thought based on the title that this would be some sort of sex-related action comedy.  In the beginning, this is certainly the case and there are many chuckle worthy moments although some of these moments drag on longer than necessary.  The main attraction is the sequence in which Monica employs various methods (not all of a sexual nature) to get Young-gun to ejaculate.  However, just when your expectations have settled in comfortably, the story takes some surprising turns becoming quite bloody, brutal and dark.  It happens suddenly but not without warning as there are hints here and there before this drastic shift of tone.  It all leads to an ending that had me wondering what the hell I just watched.

Invasion of Alien Bikini has easily been the most surprising movie I’ve seen thus far.  It looks pretty good for an independent movie with some pretty decent fighting.  It made good use of the first and 3rd movements of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and there are even some sequences done with children’s drawings.  It’s hard to say who should see this movie.  It’s not much of a sexploitation movie. There’s only a bit of titillation and no nudity which some might have expected based on the trailer.  It’s a mish-mash of comedy, gore and sci-fi.  There are some segments that are totally random with zero relation to the story like a watch commercial and another sequence towards the end that I can’t even explain.

I enjoyed it for its unpredictability but after further thought I think there are a couple logic flaws concerning the alien.  The ending makes no sense at all and it seems to me that the sci-fi elements were haphazardly tossed in to give “added depth” but in reality they just confuse everything.  It’s a bad finish to what was up until that point intriguing and engaging.



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