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Roger Ebert passes away

Ebert was perhaps the most well known film critic as far as English audiences are concerned. His picture probably comes up if you look up “film critic” in the dictionary. He had some health issues including having part of his jaw removed. Anyone who is even remotely aware of Asian American cinema will know exactly why there is a post about him on Asian/Asian Canadian/American film blog. Said people and others will be saddened by Ebert’s passing.

His input during a post-screening discussion of Justin Lin’s Better Luck Tomorrow helped it gain wider recognition and expressed succinctly why such Asian American films are necessary. It’s too bad that even after all this time, there hasn’t been an Asian American film that has garnered the same (or more) recognition. Let’s remind ourselves what Ebert said that day. Also check out AngryAsianMan’s post about it.



Longtime fan of East Asian films. Former "movie reporter" on the music radio show / podcast "Beats From The East" broadcasted on Concordia University's CJLO 1690AM radio station in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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