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Mr. Wang Goes to Hollywood (web series)

I received an email about this web series. The pilot is promising even if the title and the theme song are tacky. It also does dabbles in stereotypes but as stereotypical as hard-ass Asian parents are, they are a great source of humour. I enjoyed watching this. Check out the links and video further below.

The Chinese Archie Bunker Comes Alive!

Sleeping Tiger Films, Los Angeles, CA,  Writer/producers Robert Berg and Jesse Wang launch their provocative new comedy web series MR. WANG GOES TO HOLLYWOOD on YouTube:

Jesse Wang (Legends, Chink, Two de Force, Dumpling, I Love You Daddy) stars as Mr. Wang – a rich Chinese businessman, who, after living like an emperor in China, decides to retire and live the good life in Hollywood – much to the dismay of his Americanized nephew, estranged daughter, and angry ex-wife.

Mr. Wang is the Archie Bunker of our time – an equal opportunity bigot. His alienated extended family resent his uninvited intrusion into their lives. But will they bite the hand that feeds them?

Americans are interested in China, but most are not yet engaged with Asian-American themed entertainment. Mr. Wang is the perfect vehicle to attract all races. All of us like to laugh at rich people making fools of themselves, but, at the same time, we know they are just like us – they need to be loved for who they are and not for their money.

Hailing from northeast China near the North Korean border, actor/producer Jesse Wang has always played mean, bad-ass characters. However, in person, he speaks softly and comes across to his fiends as funny, goofy, and sometimes even cocky.

Almost exactly one year ago, Jesse and writer/producer Robert “DigiRob” Berg (The Polonium Files, Universal Remote, Pendulum, Ramayana 2K3) got together for lunch at a local Los Angeles eatery. As usual, they brainstormed ideas back and forth about how they could work together and, as usual, nothing was sticking. Maybe it was the unappetizing but expensive veggie burger that set Jesse off, but he suddenly started talking loudly and passionately about bad Chinese food and the rich, entitled people that live in upscale Asian neighborhoods. The more he talked, the more pissed off he became. DigiRob stared at Jesse intensely for a long time and knew right then they might have just come up with the perfect project.

Within a few weeks of that meeting, the pilot script of MR. WANG GOES TO HOLLYWOOD was finished and they presented it to director Michael Regalbuto (La Premiere, The Boy Who Stole’d Christmas, The Embalmer, Stereotypes). Regalbuto instantly fell in love with it and decided to jump in, head first: “It reminded me of some of the old time sitcoms that I grew up with like Perfect Strangers, Mr. Belvedere and The Cosby Show – all of these with a hint more of the inappropriate and racy. Jesse and I had worked together on a few commercials, which gave me the confidence in knowing that Jesse was an extremely funny and lovable guy, and if anyone could play this irreverent yet cuddly character, it was him.”

Writer/Producer DigiRob Berg knew immediately that this was the perfect vehicle for Jesse’s comedic talents: “Since I could see Mr. Wang so clearly in my head already, the script practically wrote itself. And then when we ready to cast it, the perfect actors appeared magically to embody all the characters that were there in the script. I love this cast! They took it (the pilot) to another level. The improv in rehearsal and on set was amazing! And then with Michael’s direction, the result is hilarious.” Commenting on what comes out of Mr. Wang’s mouth, DigiRob says “Stereotypes and racism have existed in our society since time immemorial and will not be going away any time soon. We are not endorsing them or any personal viewpoint in this series. Our goal is to expose these prejudices in a comedic fashion to remind people that they still exist in today’s PC culture.”

Founded in 2009, Sleeping Tiger Films is a Los Angeles production company that specializes in Asian-American themed stories.



Longtime fan of East Asian films. Former "movie reporter" on the music radio show / podcast "Beats From The East" broadcasted on Concordia University's CJLO 1690AM radio station in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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