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Montreal World Film Festival – Some Asian Film picks

This is a bit late in the coming but here are some Asian movies that caught my interest but of course that doesn’t mean others aren’t worth checking out. You can also check out this link which lists all the Asian films screenings at the festival and the World Film Festival website.

Korean films:

An Ethics Lesson directed by Park Myeong Rang starring Lee Je Hoon and Moon So ri

(no english subs)

A bar hostess turns up dead in her apartment and the wrong man is arrested for her murder. Meanwhile the real murderer who feels guilty tries to kill himself in the apartment only to discover wiretaps.

My Paparotti directed by Yoon Jong chan starring Lee Je Hoon and Han Suk kyu

Based on the real life story of Kim Ho Joong who appeared on the variety show Star King in July 2009, this drama is about a vocal teacher is tasked to train a teen gangster who can’t spell pavarotti but loves to sing.

A Boy’s Sister directed by Lee Won sik starring Seong Yoo ri and Lee Joo seung

(no english subs)

It’s about a woman who never quite recovered from the loss of her brother in a flood when she was a child but when she meets a young student he becomes a surrogate brother for her which helps her move beyond her past trauma.

National Security directed by Chung Ji-Young starring Park Won-sang, Lee Kyeong-yeong

In 1985 a democracy activist is arrested under a dictatorship and tortured for 22 days in order to force him to confess that he is a North Korean spy. Based on the memoir of the late Kim Geun Tae, the real-life activist who later became a senior advisor for the Democratic United Party.

Japanese films:

Mourning Recipe directed by Yuki Tanada starring Hiromi Nagasaku, Renji Ishibashi

(no english subs)

A man who’s wife suddenly passes away becomes depressed and given a “recipe book” to a happy life that was left behind by his wife. However, he’ll have to give this “recipe book” to his daughter whose marriage is threatened by divorce.

The Kiyosu Conference directed by Koki Mitani starring Koji Yakusho, Yo Oizumi

(no english subs)

In 1582 before the reunification of Japan, Nobunaga Oda was forced to kill himself during a revolt led by Misuhide Akechi. This lead to the powers in Japan to hold the Kyosu Conference to resolve the Oda clan’s leadership and redistrubute Akechi’s territories.

Judas directed by Izumi Ohtomi starring Ayame Mizusaki, Sho Aoyagi

Trailer link

A woman is scarred on her face and heart by her boyfriend and the restaurant shew works for refuses to let her work. To make money she decides to become a hostess at night club where she quickly rises the ranks but she isn’t necessarily happy. Based on the autobiographical novel of actress Kurumi Tachibana.

Ask this of Rikyu directed by Mitsutoshi Tanaka starring Ebizo Ichikawa, Miki Nakatani

(no english subs)

A tea master is ordered to perform seppuku (commit suicide). As soldiers surround his dwelling, he relfects on how things came to this point. Based on a Naoki Prize-winning historical novel by Kenichi Yamamoto.

Chinese films

Dead Sign directed by Hui Liu starring Xu Ahiqiao, Song Jiang

Couldn’t find a trailer

An art student with his classmates returns to his village in search of ancient murals but when they witness a fatal car crash, a classmate unintentionally interrupts a local witchcraft ritual and encounters other mysterious occurrences.

The Falling Feather directed by Wang Yi starring Zheng Xiaodong, Liu Xiaoxiao

(is it just me or does the trailer voice sound like Liam Neeson?)

An internationally acclaimed artist descides to sell his most prized painting and the art world wonders why which is explained as the story goes back 20 years to the past when the young artist visited Yunnan and fell in love.

Fall of Ming directed by Wang Jing starring Feng Yuan Zheng, Ai Li jen

Couldn’t find a trailer

In 1642, two years before the collapse of the Ming Dynasty Reels surround the city of KaiFeng. However, the army is poorly prepared and is becoming ill from an infectious disease. The emperor desperately resorts to releasing a general from jail and trusting a doctor’s radical approach.

The Blinding Sunlight directed by Liu Yu starring Liu Chunqi, Wang Lile

Couldn’t find a trailer

Not all citizens of Beijing are benefiting from the economic boom. One poor family in particular must resort to increasingly desperate measures just to scrape by.

Fallen City

couldn’t find a trailer (there are at least two other different movies with the same title)

After an earthquake, a prisoner takes the clothes of his arresting officer leaving the officer to wear the prisoner’s clothes.

Hushed Roar

A Chinese woman goes to a village to discover what happened there during the Sino-Japanese war but the villagers are reluctant to reopen old wounds and memories.



Longtime fan of East Asian films. Former "movie reporter" on the music radio show / podcast "Beats From The East" broadcasted on Concordia University's CJLO 1690AM radio station in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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