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The Deadly Bullet review – World Film Festival 2013

The Deadly Bullet (2013)
Director : Ren Pengyuan
Screenwriter : Zhang Qiyin, Ren Pengyuan
Cinematographer : Han Qiming
Cast : Pu BaJia, Wang Zizi, Du Yiheng, He Dujuan, Wu Weidong
Music : Xiao Zhe

This is a decently entertaining but otherwise generic historical action thriller. The story is simple, rebels in An Hui are attempting to assassinate a corrupt government official and it focuses on one man, Xu, who joins the rebels and also ends up being a part of a love triangle. Each love interest representing a different side of the conflict.

It starts off with a dynamic fight in close quarters where two combatants try to shoot each other point blank but keep dodging and parrying each other. Unfortunately, none of the later action scenes feature such a fun if ridiculous combination of martial arts and gunplay, opting for mostly shooting and explosions. However, these later action scenes are decent. I was expecting a more involved final battle which doesn`t really happen.

Although the acting is good, the characters are one note and the story just moves along with no real development. One example is when Xu is assigned to be the leader of the police training academy and somehow gains the loyalty of the young cadets incredibly quickly. It just happens and is never shown.

Set design is very nice and looks authentic with many beautiful shots of the village. The scenes during the the lantern festival were particularly noteworthy.

This isn`t a waste of time but there`s no need to go out of your way to seek out this movie.

P.S. Is it just me or do the main hero and villain look like Wang Lee Hom and Andy Lau? No, the actors are definitely not them based on the credits.



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