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Couleur de peau: miel ; tome 1 (French graphic novel)

I randomly saw this graphic novel Couleur de peau: miel at the local library and decided to borrow it. I actually didn’t remember at the time that I had actually heard of this title before since there was an animated film adaptation. In any case, I’m glad I did borrow the graphic novel because it’s a compelling read. It is autobiographical, written and drawn by Jung (a pen name, his full name is Jung Sik Jun or Jung Henin) who writes about his upbringing as a Korean adoptee living in Belgium. It covers various childhood memories, both embarrassingly honest and painful. There are some introspective moments but also fun moments, in particular Jung seems to have been lucky to be so easily accepted by four siblings whom he plays with, particularly his brother. There are occasional “flash-forwards”, one that stands out in particular is how the author says he had no difficulty telling his sister about a rather embarrassing moment from his childhood that involved her. One of the later chapters has a bit of historical background on Korean adoption and what caused it to happen. It’s something I didn’t know about but never really researched it either.

There are two more volumes. The third and last one was released fairly recently in September 2013. I’m unaware of any English translations of the work but if you can read French, the first volume gets a recommendation from me. I’m looking forward to reading the next couple of volumes.



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