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Is the St-Hubert commerical, with Chinese restaurant owners, offensive?

If you’ve watched a small amount of TV in Quebec recently you would’ve seen this commercial. There is an opinion that it stereotypes Chinese. Personally I thought the actors speaking Cantonese sounded a bit off (i.e. I expected a more angrier tone of voice). I did not think it was offensive initially and actually thought it was kinda funny. It was nonsensical to me that a Chinese restaurant would even care about St-Hubert BBQ. Chinese restaurants are known for being quite inexpensive anyway. The reason I don’t find it offensive is that the commercial could have had any ethnicity in the roles and it would’ve been more or less the same. I’m surprised to even see Asians in commercials around here at all. Here’s a link to one person who made a complaint about the commercial. Good for them for voicing their opinion.

In any case, no commercial will ever convince me to eat St-Hubert BBQ, not that it’s bad but rather I prefer Portuguese style grilled or rotisserie chicken to the Quebec style. There are many good places in Montreal that serve Portuguese BBQ.



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