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David Choi in Montreal

Having checked his tour dates earlier and not seeing Montreal, I assumed he wouldn’t be coming but I was informed quite last minute that he had added a show to Montreal this past Tuesday, courtesy of the McGill Chinese Students’ Society. I had previously seen David Choi in Toronto when he was touring for his last album, Forever and Ever. This was also when I had the chance to meet him briefly after the show and he kindly recorded a radio drop for Beats from the East.

His latest tour also coincides with a new album release, Stories of You’s and Me. I was not familiar with this latest one as I have not really been keeping up with Asian American musicians so I was hearing these new songs for the first time and they sounded great live. My favourite is probably All I Need, which is the main single. Although it’s been a while since I listened to his last album I felt that these new songs were different but retained the honesty that David Choi has always infused his lyrics with. Having a full band backing him makes for more enjoyable songs. David also played some past hits like That Girl, By My Side and Missing Piece. David performed By My Side for two fans, a recent husband and wife, who got to dance on stage. In another audience related moment, he invited a fan to teach him some dance moves. Said fan prompted David to twerk on stage (probably a first for him at a show). That was funny and the fan girls loved it, of course.

As he has done at every show, David took a few photos of the audience. The photo below was taken from David Choi’s facebook page. This is probably the only photo containing me that I will ever post here. I’m next to some dude holding up a vinyl of David Choi’s latest album. If you ever get a chance I definitely recommend seeing David Choi live. davidchoimtl



Longtime fan of East Asian films. Former "movie reporter" on the music radio show / podcast "Beats From The East" broadcasted on Concordia University's CJLO 1690AM radio station in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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