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A Hard Day Fantasia 2015 review

A_Hard_DayA Hard Day / 끝까지 간다 / Kkeutkkaji Ganda (2014)
Director: Kim Seong-hun
Screenplay: Kim Seong-hun
Cast: Lee Sun-kyun, Cho Jin-woong, Shin Jung-geun, Jung Man-sik

Note: The next screening is on Monday August 3 at 12:30pm.

This film has earned rewards at film festivals and I can see why. This is definitely a crime thriller and the movie wastes no time getting to the catalyst that starts the chain reaction of events. Detective Ko while driving to his mother’s funeral hits a man on the road. With seemingly no witnesses he decides to cover it up. But of course, it turns out there was a witness and he’s not just any person but somebody with power. Indeed, the hard day only gets harder as Ko is blackmailed but then he discovers something that may give him some leverage.

There are bits of dark comedy and tense moments as Ko tries to enact his plan to hide the dead man’s body. There’s a funny moment where he puts the dead man in a casket only for the man’s cellphone to begin ringing. The identity of the witness/antagonist who knows what Ko did is revealed fairly early on in the film and that leads to several encounters between both men. There are moments that will challenge your ability to suspend your disbelief particularly one instance when someone could not possibly survive a particular situation. There’s also some convenient bit of hand waving of some of Ko’s more flagrant and suspicious offenses supposedly because he’s a detective.

However, it’s somewhat easy to overlook because the twists in the story are mostly believable and lead to some well executed action sequences with some clever moments. There is one chase scene that’s filmed from a top-down view of an alley. Then there’s that fight where one character ties up the other character’s arm with a tie. Last year I had been disappointed with a fair number of Korean crime dramas but this one was a good one that reminded me of why I liked them in the first place.

Seen on a screener at Fantasia 2015



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