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Early look at some Asian film screenings at the World Film Festival 2015 in Montreal

Updated (Aug 16) with some additional out of competition films further below.

As expected, you won’t find much if any advance information on a lot of films that screen at the World Film Festival but that’s what makes it interesting. Here are some of the Asian films from the World Film Festival’s first announcement so far.

In the World Competition category…

Seven Days by Xing Jian
I found one article that interviewed the director about the film. The film is independently financed and the director even had to sell his house. The film was shot during the very harsh winter in the Changbai Mountains in Northeastern China.

Gassoh by Tatsuo Kobayashi
This is a live action adaptation of the manga “Gasso” focused on three samurais in the Edo period. The manga was first published in 1983 and won awards during its time. Some trailers are found in this article. I’m not familiar with any of the talent except for actor Jo Odagiri, he is not one of the leads but is a very good actor.

In the First Feature Competition category…

Beijing Carmen by Wang Fan
The film is a romance that is apparently inspired by the classical novel Carmen according to this article.

Dear Deer by Takeo Kikuchi
Looks like a quirky family drama involving adult siblings and their father. The Asianwiki page above has a trailer.

Kagurame by Yasuo Okuaki
Here is a trailer. It looks like it stars Rina Takeda in a dramatic role (she has a black belt in karate and is more known for action movies, I last saw her in Dead Sushi). IMDB has a synopsis for the film.

Neboke by Norihito Iki
I found this trailer for the film. The youtube channel has another video link with a synopsis in Japanese.

Lost and found by Show Yanagisawa
Other than a page of the director, no info found.

The Funeral by Qi Wang
Couldn’t find any info.

Out of Competition (posted on August 13)

IT’S REALLY KIND OF YOU by So Jae-ick. 2015 / Colour / 92 min, South Korea
It is late night and raining hard when a strange woman clad only in underwear rushes up to a man who is fishing at the lake, asking for help. Help to do what ?

MY SISTER, THE PIG LADY (DWAEJI GATEUN YEOJA) by Jan Moon-il. 2015 / Colour / 104 min, South Korea
In a small seaside village where all the young men left for the city, three young women scheme to catch the eye of the only bachelor left in town.

BLOOD BEAD (AKAI TAMA) by Banmei Takahashi. 2015 / Colour / 108 min, Japan
Tokita would rather be making movies than teaching about them in film school. But it pays the bills and thereís always Yui, the pretty school secretary. Then Ritsuko enters his life…

THE NEXT GENERATION PATLABOR – TOKYO WAR Mamoru Oshii. 2015 / Colour / 93 min Japon / Japan In a world where giant robots are built and used for labour, a special police force of robots is created to handle crimes relating to these machines.

WOLF TOTEM by Jean-Jacques Annaud. 2015 / Colour / 98 min, France – China
The story of young Beijing intellectual’s fascination with the wolves he encounters when he’s sent to teach Mandarin to minority nomadic herders in the majestic, scenic grasslands of Inner Mongolia.



Longtime fan of East Asian films. Former "movie reporter" on the music radio show / podcast "Beats From The East" broadcasted on Concordia University's CJLO 1690AM radio station in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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