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Montreal World Film Festival schedule released August 27-September 7

The schedule for the Montreal World Film Festival is now online. I’ve already highlighted some films in this previous post and on twitter. Here are filtered search results to films from South Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Nepal.

Some trailers and film picks after the jump.


Song of the Phoenix
By late director Wu Tianming (The King of Masks, a movie I enjoyed a lot), it focuses on a young player of a Chinese wind instrument called SuoNa.

North by Northeast
A Chinese black comedy taking place after the Cultural Revolution about a village trying to catch a rapist. Predictably banned in China. The few reviews so far have been quite positive. Unfortunately both screenings are during typical working hours on weekdays.

BinGuan / Deep in the Heart / The Coffin in the Mountain
Looks like a moody and intriguing crime film from China.

About an unwanted young girl in the 1970s who’s shifted from family to family

Qing Bi Shan Gao / Road to the Sky
Taking place in 1937, it shows efforts of villagers and an engineer to build a road from Yunnan to Burma (called the Burma Road) so that supplies could be transported to China during the second Sino-Japan war.


Alone in Fukushima
Documentary about 55 year old Naoto Matsumura who refused to move from Tomioka even though it is only 12km away from the nuclear plant disaster. Without running water or electricity he took care of abandoned animals.

Soredaki / That’s It
It has some notable talent behind it. It’s directed by Gakuryu Ishii starring Shota Sometani, Erina Mizuno, Go Ayano. It’s a crime movie but is also inspired by a rock song of the same name by a Japanese rock band, Bloodthirsty Butchers.

Japanese family drama with kagura (a type of Japanese ritual dance) starring Rina Takeda (High Kick Girl, Dead Sushi) in a dramatic role. She’s more known for action roles and she was great in Dead Sushi but she also wants to be known for her acting too.

An adaptation of an award winning manga about three samurais in the Edo period. Notable acting talent includes Yuya Yagiri and Jo Odagiri.

South Korea

My Sister, The Pig Lady
Looks like a comedy about a trio of women vying for the attentions of the one eligible bachelor in a remote village.

Factory Complex
A documentary that looks back at the oppressed female laborers, starting with workers in the textile industry of the 60s to flight attendants, cashiers and more of today that have helped South Korea’s fast economic growth.

A transgender woman with male genitalia is put in a men’s jail after an accidental killing. Based on true events.

It’s Really Kind of You
This looks like a dark, twisted thriller/crime movie.



Longtime fan of East Asian films. Former "movie reporter" on the music radio show / podcast "Beats From The East" broadcasted on Concordia University's CJLO 1690AM radio station in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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