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Hyuna – Live in Montreal – Kpopme

Despite the popularity of Kpop in North America, shows are still uncommon on this continent although there are definitely more in USA than Canada. Even within the land of maple leaves and beavers music acts only go to the usual cities, Toronto and Vancouver. The last big Asian star I remember to headline their own show in Montreal was Eason Chan. There have been other acts in Montreal but usually part of a bigger festival or as opening acts for other bands like One OK Rock, BabyMetal (I regret missing that to this day) and Crayon Pop.

Much to my surprise, Hyuna will be performing in Montreal on Sunday, February 26 at 8pm at L’Olympia. She will also be touring the other Canadian cities (Vancouver on the 22nd and Toronto on the 24th before she comes to Montreal) and then USA. It’s organized by Kpopme.

Also local Kpop dance cover group East2West won the chance to perform as the opening act for Hyuna.

The dance cover is very good. The girls look really fit. The guys would benefit from adding a bit of muscle. At least then they wouldn’t have to wear loose t-shirts to hide their slight physiques.

Back to the concert, I think the lowest priced tickets should be around $50-60 and not $90. Even North American acts that are more widely recognized here usually offer their cheapest seats around $50-60 range. Of course, the decision is likely being heavily influenced by the Kpop company itself. Realistically, I don’t think Montreal can support that price for an artist like Hyuna because it’s usually fan girls who are willing to spend the money and not fan boys, regardless of how hot Hyuna is. Maybe one of the popular boy bands could command that price structure but I’m not too optimistic about Hyuna. It would’ve been better to start out with lower ticket prices then boast about selling out. That would create hype and demand for a future show where you could raise the ticket prices a bit. I’m not a fan of Hyuna but I’m afraid that if the show is not a success attendance-wise then Kpop companies will mistakenly conclude that there isn’t a demand. That could affect other potential Asian acts when deciding on whether Montreal is worth visiting.



Longtime fan of East Asian films. Former "movie reporter" on the music radio show / podcast "Beats From The East" broadcasted on Concordia University's CJLO 1690AM radio station in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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