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Fantasia 2017: First wave announcement

Here are the East Asian films that were announced among the first wave of films that will be screened at this year’s Fantasia International Film Festival. This 21st edition will run from July 13 – August 2, 2017. The full lineup will be released July 5!

Opening night screenings

Jung Byung-gil’s THE VILLAINESS


Animated films

Yuasa Masaaki’s NIGHT IS SHORT, WALK ON GIRL (International premiere)

Yuasa Masaaki’s LU OVER THE WALL (North American premiere)

Liu Jian’s HAVE A NICE DAY (Canadian premiere)

More premieres

Cho Sun-ho’s A DAY (International premiere)

Yuichi Fukuda’s GINTAMA (North American premiere)


Jimmy Henderson’s Cambodian action extravaganza JAILBREAK (North American premiere)

Akira Nagai’s TEIICHI: BATTLE OF THE SUPREME HIGH (North American premiere)

More films

BAD GENIUS (Thailand—Dir: Nattawut Poonpiriya): When Lynn (Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying) discovers that her academic skills can bring her thousands of baht if she helps her wealthy friends cheat at exams, she elaborates a complex scheme. What if OCEAN’S ELEVEN would somehow meet THE BREAKFAST CLUB? Well, it happened! A breathtaking coming-of-age thriller that is way smarter than anything you can expect! Official Selection: New York Asian Film Festival. Canadian Premiere.

BASTARD SWORDSMAN (Hong Kong—Dir: Tony Liu): Who will truly master the silkworm technique and bring balance to the martial world? The last surviving 35mm copy of the Shaw Brothers gem will blast you with its avalanche of unfettered lunacy. First Canadian screening in 30 years!

KODOKU MEATBALL MACHINE (Japan—Dir: Yoshihiro Nishimura): People are turning into bizarre organic/mechanical creatures who terrorize the last survivors of a decimated, dome-covered Tokyo. Yoshihiro Nishimura (TOKYO GORE POLICE), Japan’s master of extreme make-up effects, is back with more of his gory creativity and his formidable capacity to create hellish—but funny—monsters. Official Selection: SXSW 2017, Night Visions 2017, The Overlook Film Festival 2017. Canadian Premiere.

MON MON MON MONSTERS (Taiwan—Dir: Giddens Ko): In a shabby Taipei neighborhood plagued by nocturnal killings, four teenage boys find trouble…and trouble finds them. A twisted coming-of-age film from the writer of MACHI ACTION and an impressive blend of genres, bouncing from comedy to horror in matters of seconds without ever making a mess. Official selection: Hong Kong International Film Festival 2017, Udine Far East Film Festival 2017, New York Asian Film Festival 2017. Canadian Premiere.

MUSEUM (Japan—Dir: Keishi Ohtomo): Fantasia favorite Keishi Ohtomo (the RUROUNI KENSHIN trilogy) is back with MUSEUM, based on Ryosuke Tomoe’s 2013 manga of the same name. It’s overworked cop vs. sadistic, frog-headed killer in this gruesome and deranged, horror-tinged thriller in the tradition of David Fincher’s SE7EN! Official Selection: Sitges 2016, Busan 2016. Canadian Premiere.

NAPPING PRINCESS (Japan—Dir: Kenji Kamiyama): The divide between teenage Kokone’s fanciful reveries and the real world is crumbling in NAPPING PRINCESS, a sleek Japanese anime that blends steampunk fantasy and plugged-in techno-thrillers. From acclaimed director Kenji Kamiyama (GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC, CYBORG 009, and EDEN OF THE EAST). Canadian Premiere.

SPLIT (South Korea—Dir: Choi Kook-hee): A fallen bowling champion (OLDBOY’s Yoo Ji-tae) attempts to team up with an autistic prodigy (POETRY’s David Lee) to rack big money with underground bowling gambles. Built like a genuine sports drama, SPLIT has way more to offer than the traditional competition story…but it will still make you cheer for the protagonists until the end credits! Official Selection: New York Asian Film Festival 2017. Canadian Premiere.

TOKYO IDOLS (UK/Canada/Japan—Dir: Kyoko Miyake): “Idols,” girl bands and their pop music, permeate every moment of Japanese life. TOKYO IDOLS peeks behind the curtains of this industry, explores a cultural phenomenon driven by an obsession with young female sexuality, and the growing disconnect between men and women in hyper-modern societies. Official Selection: Sundance 2017, Hot Docs 2017, DOXA 2017, Japan Cuts 2017. Québec Premiere.

VAMPIRE CLEANUP DEPARTMENT (Hong Kong—Dir: Yan Pak-Wing and Chiu Sin-Hang): A motley crew of misfits tackle the bloodthirsty hopping vampires descending on Hong Kong! Laughter, kung fu, horror and insanity, with a gallery of HK icons! Official Selection: Udine Far East Film Festival 2017, Bucheon International Film Festival 2017. Canadian Premiere.

WHAT A WONDERFUL FAMILY! 2 (Japan—Dir: Yoji Yamada): The Hirata family is back, and Grandpa is acting up again! This sequel reunites legendary director Yoji Yamada (of the TORA-SAN series) with the exceptional cast of the first film for another round of hilarious, multigenerational slapstick comedy! Official Selection: Beijing International Film Festival 2017, Shanghai International Film Festival 2017. Canadian Premiere.

WU KONG (China/Hong Kong—Dir: Derek Kwok): Award-winning director Derek Kwok (GALLANTS) reboots the famous Monkey King legend from the popular novel, with fresh vigor of epic proportions that you’ll love for 10,000 years. To be released during the same week in China and North America. Québec Premiere.

For the full announcement, check out RueMorgue.



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