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TVA Sports speaks with Nachi Fujimoto of Les Canadiennes

What follows is my English translation of the TVA Sports article by Pierre-Antoine Mercier, published on November 11, 2017.

A Good Shot for Asian Hockey

The Japanese player of the Montreal Canadiennes, Nachi Fujimoto sees the arrival of two Chinese teams to the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) as a good thing for Asian hockey.

“It’s good for Asian hockey that two Chinese teams play in the Canadian league. In women’s hockey, the two best teams are Canada and the USA,” said Fujimoto after her team’s defeat at the Bell Center on Saturday. “The best way to learn is to play against the best players on the planet.”

The Kunlun Red Star and Vanke Rays, teams based in ShenZhen, China, are in a league outside of Asia for the first time. The two teams signed a 5 year contract this summer with the CWHL.

Some of those players, from the Red Star or the Rays, will get the chance to represent their country at the Winter Olympics in 2022. The event will be held in their homeland, specifically in Beijing.

Rare Skates

Surprised by the question, the former player of the Boston Blades of the CWHL, was happy to explain why she was the only player in the league to wear white skates.

“You are the first to ask me this question,” exclaimed Fujimoto while laughing. “My skates are a model that can only be found in Japan. I’ve used these skates for a long time and I adore them since white is my favorite color. However, I assure you these are not skates for figure skating,” said Fujimoto while smiling.



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