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Kim’s Convenience – Season 3, Episodes 1-2

I’m pretty late with this but then again we had to go through all of 2018 without Kim’s Convenience but I guess the shift of the season premiere to January must have some benefits. Although season 4 has been greenlit with Simu Liu’s recent casting as Marvel’s Shang Chi, one does wonders if this will complicate plans for a potential season 5. But in any case, here are reviews for the first two episodes of season 3.

New Appa-liance

The opening is pretty funny. No gain without pain for Janet although what a sadistic thing for Appa to do. Speaking of Janet, her makeup seems different this season. The main plot of this episode is the search for a new dishwashing machine and the way Umma reminds Appa is pretty creative.

Janet is tries to stand out by changing her name after her teacher can’t find her website because of all the other Janet Kim’s crowding the search results. Umma tells Janet why she gave her that name.

We also see Jung dealing with the consequences of the season 2 finale and attempting to get his old job back. Cue the always enjoyable Shannon – Jung awkward interaction.

Best exchange is between Janet and Umma:
“Can you please call before coming over?”

Most jokes from the side characters aren’t good but the main cast have some good ones. The ending to the dishwashing machine plot is funny although I’m surprised nobody mentions all the money spent.

On to episode 2…

Cutie Pie

The opening is yet another instance of Janet getting grossed out which is usually funny. Appa gets a very nice online review, which calls him cutie pie, which eventually makes Umma a bit jealous.

Janet and Gerald both have problems telling Gerald’s girlfriend that she’s spending too much time at their apartment. Miscommunication ensues leading to the girlfriend moving in with them.

Jung is still adjusting to having Kim-chee as his boss.

Best line surprisingly came from a side character, Mr. Mehta:
“The weather, my god, it’s everywhere!”

Story-wise, it’s interesting seeing the reversed job roles of Jung and Kim-chee. But humor-wise this episode was lacking. The Janet plot was annoying although I’m sure some can totally relate to it. The Appa and Umma plot felt a bit too forced. Of course, they do make up eventually but for some reason when they hugged, I kept wondering wouldn’t it be uncomfortable since Appa’s glasses are being crunched between them?



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