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Chocolate Xiao Long Bao? – Strictly Dumpling

This is from over a year ago but I just recently found out about this channel. In this video, Mike tries out some great soup dumplings in Flushing and apparently chocolate soup dumplings? Never could I have ever imagined such a food/dessert to exist. Unfortunately, I heard the chocolate is in the form of Nutella, which I don’t like. But that’s just me as I’m sure most think Nutella is great.

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Masterchef Canada

I remember catching one episode of season 1 last year and was surprised to see one of the judges was Asian. I wasn’t surprised at how harsh and critical he could be at times. His name is Alvin Leung who grew up in Scarborough, Ontario but born in London, England. He is impressively a self taught cook who opened two restaurants that gained Michelin stars. The winner of season 1 was Eric Chong in a very tight finale. Season 2 has two Asian Canadian contestants, Christopher Siu and Debra Pangestu. I haven’t caught an episode of season 2 yet so I don’t know how well they’re doing.