LaMian (Chinese hand-pulled noodles)

This is where I’ll talk about Chinese hand-pulled noodles with a focus on places that freshly pull them for each order.

Nouilles de Lan Zhou (Cash Only)
1006 St. Laurent (closest metro: place d’armes)
Last visit: May 2016, # of visits: 4

You can get freshly hand pulled noodles here and you even get to choose the size and shape (flat or round). Their main specialty is a beef noodle soup, however, they also offer Zha Jiang Mian which does not have soup. One can optionally also get some hot chilly oil added. Tea leaf hard boiled egg is an extra cost add-on. The fresh noodles are really good and do not get mushy while sitting in the soup. The beef noodle soup broth is very aromatic and tasty. Unfortunately it lacks veggies so it’s worth getting a salad side dish although the choices are limited. The bowl itself offered in 3 sizes, small is $8 and large is $12. They also have a vegetarian broth. I recently tried their beef tendon bowl, which is $11.50 (I think) and is only offered Friday, Saturday & Sunday. It’s not bad although I don’t think the beef tendon is noticeably better than most other places. There’s only one size and I assume its large because it had a ton of noodles. It was the first time I could not finish a bowl of noodles. The place is very small so getting a seat at peak times means a lot of waiting.

They have a sister restaurant called M. Trois that offers a similar bowl but I got a bad case of food poisoning there in summer 2015 and haven’t gone back.

Nudo location 1: Inside Eaton Centre food court on 705 St. Catherine O.
Nudo location 2: 1055 St. Laurent  (in Chinatown)
Last visit: Fall 2015, # of visits: 6 (spread across all three locations, one has closed)

Nudo specializes in freshly made hand pulled Chinese style noodles. My last visit to their Chinatown location was good and in my opinion, it’s the best location. This one unlike the other location is not situated in a food court but is a sit down restaurant. I ordered the red braised beef shank with soup on the side and this was quite good. There were several slices of tender, flavourful beef. It wasn’t the best red braised beef I’ve had but certainly good. It was accompanied by some pickled vegetables along with sliced cucumbers, carrots and bits of bean sprouts. I think it’s preferable to eat these meals with soup on the side. The noodles just seem tastier this way. Their menu also offers some appetizers, various pickled dishes and also dumplings. I tried the chive and pork potstickers, which were better than the last time I had them but very oily.