This is a Japanese pancake type food but softer and looser and mixed with a bunch of ingredients such as vegetables (cabbage usually) and other meats like pork belly or seafood and topped with a dark ponzo sauce, bonito flakes and mayo. It is becoming a bit more common in Montreal with the addition of some izakayas to the scene. Although they may seem similar, the more common Pa-Jeon found in Korean restaurants or Banh Xeo found in Vietnamese restaurants are quite different from Okonomiyaki.

77 Rachel O
Last visit: Jun 2016, # of visits: 1

This is a small shop that specializes in okonomiyaki and takoyaki. Both are good versions. The okonomiyaki comes with either pork or mushrooms. I’ve only tried the mushroom one and it was pretty good and quite filling for a fair price of $9.

4006 St. Catherine O (nearest metro: Atwater)
Last visit: Mar 2016, # of visits: 3

They offer it with pork belly $12 or seafood $13. A dollar higher than the last time i had it years ago. I had the seafood one and as far as I could tell it only had shrimp and no squid like the last time. It was also a bit smaller but still a decent size that could be shared between 2 to 4 people but still possible for 1 person to finish and still have room for something else. Otherwise, it tasted close to the same as I remembered. Good amount of shrimp and cabbage mixed in the batter. It was topped with red pickled ginger, okonomi sauce, mayo, bonito flakes. They don’t go overboard with the sauce and mayo, which is my preference. Imadake was the first place where I had okonomiyaki and it still remains a solid choice.

1862 St. Catherine O. (nearest metro: Guy Concordia)
Last visit: Mar 2017, # of visits: 3

This popular yet extremely tiny venue has perpetual lineups and while some of the dishes justify the wait, I’d say the Okonomiyaki isn’t quite one of them but still good. The shrimp version comes with good sized shrimps in the okonomiyaki which is topped with salad and a sauce that I don’t remember. The okonomiyaki is pretty big as well and costs $12. It was a bit too soft for my liking. I personally prefer Imadake’s more traditional take on this food.

Haru Hana
912 Maisonneuve E
Last visit: Sept 2015, # of visits: 4

It’s a Korean restaurant but they do a pretty good and affordable okonomiyaki although the price has risen from $7.5 to $9 (tax included) recently, which can’t be helped I guess. The pork belly was quite distinct in flavor.

Sumi Dojo
3479 St. Laurent
Last visit: Summer 2015, # of visits: 3

Decent version but I barely remember it. They have some other dishes that are better. This izakaya opened in February 2015.

Kinka Izakaya
1624 St. Catherine O (nearest metro: Guy Concordia)
Last visit: Summer 2015, # of visits: 3

I did not like their version of it, particularly the sauce used on it combined with wasabi mayo. It also did not have a lot of seafood in it and it seemed to be over-fried, possibly burnt. They have other dishes that are much better, particularly their sashimi. This izakaya opened in late 2014.


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