There are a few dedicated tea shops that often also offer bubble tea. Some cafes/restaurants/bakeries will also be included for specific items at the bottom. Here are some of my favorites. Note that I never order tapioca bubbles since I don’t like them so none of my evaluations take this into account. The only toppings I have gotten in the past are red beans and grass jelly.

Nos Thés
1609 St. Catherine O
1215 St. Catherine E
Last visit: July 2016, # of visits: 5

I’ve only been to their St. Cath O location. It’s a relatively new location that’s much larger and nicer than their old one that was on St. Mathieu. Lots of selection of tea and bubble tea. They also offer food but I’ve only tried a couple of fried dishes including fried squid. Their tea is great and freshly brewed, which adds a bit to the prep time but it’s worth it.I like the roasted oolong milk tea and rose milk tea. There others I’ve tried but don’t remember them.

1811 St. Catherine O
52-C De La Gauchetiere O (Take-out only)
3428 Du Parc

This chain originates from Taiwan but has locations worldwide (I first visited one in Toronto). I was really impressed by their teas which take a bit more time to make but are freshly brewed. Their first Montreal location opened in late 2013. The places they have are fairly small, usually only a few tables, so not really a hang out joint. I’ve had chrysanthemum pu-erh, thai milk tea, matcha which are all good. I’ve had others but don’t remember them exactly.

Le Majesthé
439 Président-Kennedy
Last Visit: Feb 2017, # of visits: 3

I’ve had a classic milk tea and matcha tea here. Both were not bad and price-wise around the same as Chatime so just over $5 after tax. The appeal of this place is that you can have your bubble tea with some delicious looking small meals and snacks. It’s small but has a decent amount of seating area but definitely gets full at peak times.

Specific Teas

There are some teas that you won’t typically find at the above places. Various Hong Kong restaurants & bakeries offer Hong Kong style milk tea my favorite one can be found at Restaurant UCan (1832 St. Catherine O ). Consequently they also do a good Ying Yang (Coffee + Milk tea). Cafe Neko does a decent version but not nearly as strong and they also offer a coffee + milk tea mix under the Malaysian name Kopi Cham. Yuja tea or Yuzu tea (Korean & Japanese names for the citrus fruit) is another drink I enjoy and can be found at Haru Hana (912 Maisonneuve E), Cocobun bakeries (various locations) and Bao Bao Dim Sum (83 de la Gauchetière O) where it’s called Korean Citron tea. While Matcha tea latte is offered at the above places, my absolute favorite is made at U Green Tea (inside Cours Mont-Royal at metro level in the tunnel that connects Cours Mont-Royal to the food court under Cinema Banque Scotia). You can see them whisk the matcha powder for each cup they serve.

Future places to try

Cha Do Raku
750 rue de Bienville

Qabane à Thé
1428 Mackay

Ming Tao Xuan
451 St. Sulpice


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