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TVA Sports speaks with Nachi Fujimoto of Les Canadiennes

What follows is my English translation of the TVA Sports article by Pierre-Antoine Mercier, published on November 11, 2017.

A Good Shot for Asian Hockey

The Japanese player of the Montreal Canadiennes, Nachi Fujimoto sees the arrival of two Chinese teams to the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) as a good thing for Asian hockey.

“It’s good for Asian hockey that two Chinese teams play in the Canadian league. In women’s hockey, the two best teams are Canada and the USA,” said Fujimoto after her team’s defeat at the Bell Center on Saturday. “The best way to learn is to play against the best players on the planet.”

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KunLun Red Star and Vanke Rays – Two Chinese teams join the CWHL

Not one but two women’s teams from China, Kunlun Red Star and Vanke Rays will be making their debut in the CWHL this season (2017-2018). They both play out of Shenzhen. KunLun Red Star is also the name of the Chinese men’s team who are part of the KHL. Vanke Rays are part of the Chinese ice hockey league. It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out considering that China is not known for producing many hockey players, male or female. Apparently each team consists of approximately half Native Chinese players and half non-Chinese (mostly Canadian or American) players.

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Nachi Fujimoto returns to Les Canadiennes

The Canadiennes of the CWHL initially drafted Nachi Fujimoto, the Japanese defender from Sapporo, Hokkaido, before the 2016 season but then traded her to Boston. Before this season in 2017, the Canadiennes traded for her so now she is back in Montreal, which I believe makes her the first Japanese player on the team.

Nachi has an older sister who played as a goalie in the NWHL last season and has been the goalie for the Japanese national team.

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Erika Nguyen – Circus artist

I’ve been a fan of the circus arts for a long time and my interest in it has been higher than usual due to the Montreal Circus Festival. While browsing through the websites of circus schools in Montreal I found some cool videos of performances by Erika Nguyen who is from Moncton, New Brunswick. She specializes in the aerial hoop.


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Fracas (free outdoor show) – Montreal Circus Festival

I checked out the free circus show Fracas last Friday. It was pretty good. This free outdoor show is still running until July 17 at Place Émilie-Gamelin. There are shows at 7pm and 10pm.

I noticed that some of the performers were Asian and have posted some tidbits of info about them below.

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Victor Bartley first player of Asian descent to play for the Habs?

I’m pretty sure my title does not need a question mark at the end but you never know. As far as I can tell Victor Bartley is the first player who has some Asian ethnicity in him to play for the Montreal Canadiens. His mother is from Taiwan and he is originally born in Ottawa, he was obtained by the Canadiens in a bizarrely timed three way trade that also involved John Scott. There was a nice article about him posted on the Canadiens’ website. He recently played his first game against Washington on Wednesday.