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Nate Hirayama named player of the final @ Singapore Rugby Sevens

Canada won its first ever Rugby Sevens cup and its top playmaker, Japanese Canadian, Nathan Hirayama, was also named player of the final at the Singapore Rugby Sevens tournament. Mike Fuailefau who is a teammate also scored a try in the final and is part Samoan.

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Erika Nguyen – Circus artist

I’ve been a fan of the circus arts for a long time and my interest in it has been higher than usual due to the Montreal Circus Festival. While browsing through the websites of circus schools in Montreal I found some cool videos of performances by Erika Nguyen who is from Moncton, New Brunswick. She specializes in the aerial hoop.


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Fracas (free outdoor show) – Montreal Circus Festival

I checked out the free circus show Fracas last Friday. It was pretty good. This free outdoor show is still running until July 17 at Place Émilie-Gamelin. There are shows at 7pm and 10pm.

I noticed that some of the performers were Asian and have posted some tidbits of info about them below.

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Victor Bartley first player of Asian descent to play for the Habs?

I’m pretty sure my title does not need a question mark at the end but you never know. As far as I can tell Victor Bartley is the first player who has some Asian ethnicity in him to play for the Montreal Canadiens. His mother is from Taiwan and he is originally born in Ottawa, he was obtained by the Canadiens in a bizarrely timed three way trade that also involved John Scott. There was a nice article about him posted on the Canadiens’ website. He recently played his first game against Washington on Wednesday.

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Montreal Stars vs Boston Blades in Clarkson Cup final!

I don’t know if there’s much of a rivalry between Boston and Montreal in the CWHL (or at least comparable to the Habs vs Bruins) but today, these top teams will face off for the Clarkson Cup, which is named after former governor general Adrienne Clarkson who is Asian Canadian and was born in Hong Kong. I’ll be rooting for Julie Chu and the Stars, of course.

Update: Boston won in OT…BOOOOOOOOOO!

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Julie Chu, Jessica Wong, Jessica Koizumi, Asian North American born hockey players of the CWHL

Julie Chu is an Asian American professional hockey player. She’s achieved many great feats in women’s hockey (just check out her Wikipedia page) including having won multiple medals in International hockey and the Olympics. I had no idea that she’s been playing for Montreal Stars of the CWHL since 2010. CWHL hockey players are not paid and like other players Julie has a full time job and sacrifices a lot to also play hockey. Although I had heard of Julie Chu years back, Mister Vee recently introduced me to the Montreal Stars and I have gone to a couple of games with him. The first game I saw was not looking good in the first two periods but then the 3rd period got crazy halfway through. The Stars were down by 3 goals and pulled their goalie with like 10 minutes left. They managed to tie the game with Julie Chu assisting of the first two goals then scoring the tying goal herself on a nice feed from Caroline Ouellet. It eventually went to a long shootout that the Stars won.

The second game I saw, the Stars were not so fortunate and they lost to a Calgary team that seemed much faster (or maybe the Stars were just really sluggish). I guess with all those helmets on, I did not notice that Calgary had a Chinese Canadian hockey player named Jessica Wong (hailing from Baddeck, Nova Scotia) who was drafted first overall in 2013 and has had success at international tournaments. She plays defense and is doing well on a very high scoring Calgary team.

While looking through the CWHL website, I also noticed another Asian American player named Jessica Koizumi who plays forward for the Boston Blades but apparently also played for the Montreal Stars in the past. She is the first player to reach 50 career points for the Boston team.

The next Montreal Stars home game is Saturday February 21 and it is also their annual Breast Cancer fundraising game so go out there and support them!

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Patrick Chan lands the quad

Not that I follow figure skating a lot but Patrick Chan as well as other skaters of his generation have been criticized for shying away from quad jumps (unlike their Russian competitors who love quads).  In the past, Patrick has said that a quad is not necessary to win gold.  Indeed the gold medalist of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics didn’t even attempt a quad while the silver medalist landed one (Patrick finished 5th).  I don’t know if Chan still feels that way now but he has incorporated the quadruple toe loop into his short and long programs and has recently landed it successfully in competition.