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Meet and Eat at Lee’s Garden – watch on now!

Day’s Lee worked at her father’s restaurant as a kid in Montreal and in this documentary that she made, she discovers more about her parents and the customers who ate at the restaurant in the 1950s. The official website has more details.

Anyone in Canada can watch it on the CBC website for free! You may need to create an account on the website or CBC Gem app.

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J Perm – Youtuber and Speedcuber

Recently I became interested in the Rubik’s cube, something I never remotely came close to solving as a kid. I discovered Asian Canadian Dylan Q. Wang aka J Perm who has a youtube channel that discusses all topics related to puzzle cubes like the famous 3x3x3 Rubik’s cube. He is also part of the speedcubing community who solve different puzzle cubes as fast as possible and also participate in competitions.

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Nick Suzuki scores his first “real” playoff goal

The Montreal Canadiens defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins in their qualifying round series, 3 games to 1 in a best of 5 series, to advance to the quarter finals. This is the starting point of the traditional playoff format with 16 teams and each round now is a best of seven series. Their opponent is the Philadelphia Flyers, a team who has beaten the Canadiens in their last two playoff meetings.

Nick Suzuki hit the crossbar with less than a minute left in game 1 when trying to tie the game which the Canadiens lost. The Canadiens then shutout the Flyers in game 2 for the win but the Canadiens got shutout themselves in games 3 and 4 in embarrassing fashion. Game 5 and every game from now on is a must-win for the Canadiens.

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Nick Suzuki scores his first playoff goal

Nick Suzuki scored his first playoff goal in his first playoff game on August 1, 2020. It was a nice top shelf wrist shot from his off wing. He also helped kill a crucial 5-3 penalty in the third period. The situation is different this year since the full regular season could not be played with the remaining games being cancelled due to COVID-19 quarantine in March. At that time the Montreal Canadiens were not in a playoff spot and were far away from one. But because of the new playoff format, the Canadiens now have a chance at winning the Stanley Cup but they have to participate in an extra qualifying round to get into the traditional 16 team playoff bracket.

So while this is a qualifying round game, it is still an elimination series similar to a traditional best of 7 playoff round but instead is a shorter best of 5 series. Tonight will be game 2 between the Montreal Canadiens and Pittsburgh Penguins.

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