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Food Fight! Fried Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken vs Japanese Karaage vs Taiwanese Large Fried Chicken

As far as comparisons are concerned this isn’t really as fair as you would think. All three types of fried chicken present here are in different forms.

Korean fried chicken is served as whole pieces of chicken with the bone while karaage is boneless chicken fried pieces and the Taiwanese fried chicken here is a large fried cutlet with bone but flattened. I guess I could have even tossed in General Tao/Tso into this comparison but it’s too wide spread for me to pick a sort of definitive restaurant that specializes in it.


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Next Music from Tokyo vol 13 tour – Oct 5-10, 2018

Next Music from Tokyo or should that be Next Music from Tokyo & Taiwan? Because for the first time in the tour’s history, it will be inviting a non-Japanese band. This band is from Taiwan but has toured in Japan so it would seem that some Japanese fans are aware of them. The other four bands come from Japan and not just Tokyo but other cities like Osaka. Two bands return from past volumes. There’s Otori making their second showing and Mass of the Fermenting Dregs making their third appearance, the first band to do so on the tour. But if you want to be picky this would be the second appearance of the reformed band, the original lineup was all female who broke up but then a few years ago the original bassist reformed the band with two male members. I had previously seen this band in Vol 8, which was the first NMFT show that I ever attended and I’ve  attended every show since then except vol 12. The other two bands are new to the tour and both are all female trios: UlulU and Paranoid Void.

It kicks off with two shows in Toronto on Friday October 5 and Saturday October 6. Then in Montreal on Sunday October 7 and ends in Vancouver on October 10. Tickets can be purchased online now.

More videos after the jump.

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Fantasia 2017 festival in review

Fantasia 2017, total films seen: 22

This was an okay year overall. Last year wasn’t necessarily that much better but it had some super memorable screenings while this year there weren’t any films that wowed me or had the audience go super crazy. Granted, I missed some South Korean movies I really wanted to watch like A Taxi Driver and A Day. Only three films were labeled recommended this year. This isn’t the worst year as far as outright disliking films but the number of films that I enjoyed or liked a lot this year was lower than previous years. I am starting to wonder if my interest in East Asian cinema is waning.

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Fantasia 2017: First wave announcement

Here are the East Asian films that were announced among the first wave of films that will be screened at this year’s Fantasia International Film Festival. This 21st edition will run from July 13 – August 2, 2017. The full lineup will be released July 5!

Opening night screenings

Jung Byung-gil’s THE VILLAINESS


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Takao – Chthonic

Chthonic is a metal band from Taiwan that also incorporates traditional Chinese instruments like the Erhu. I think they’re the most well known metal band out of Taiwan. Their songs often cover parts of Taiwanese history. Their frontman Freddy Lim is an elected politician now, which isn’t too surprising given his political activism in the past. Although I’m not sure how active the band can be now that Lim is an elected official.

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The Arti: The Adventure Begins Fantasia 2015 review

artiThe Arti: The Adventure Begins / 奇人密碼-古羅布之謎 /
Qírén mìmǎ-gǔ luóbù zhī mí (2015)
Director: Huang Wen Chang
Screenplay: Huang Liang Hsun
Cast: Huang Wen Tze, Ricky Hsiao, A-Lin

Taiwan continues the tradition puppet theatre or “glove puppetry” which is the literal translation of budaixi. Their latest effort comes from the renowned Huang’s family company, Pili International Multimedia. It’s a wuxia that combines puppets and CGI to create an epic adventure. The story is about Mo, his sister, Tong, and a wooden robot named Arti-C that was inherited from their father. Arti-C is very capable at martial arts but Mo’s father was accused of treason and killed for having built it. Mo notices that Arti-C is beginning to deteriorate when he prematurely shuts down during a fight. This is because his power source, known as the Origin, is not infinite and is beginning to wane. Mo must find a way to replace Arti-C’s power source and it turns out it can be found in the territory of a mysterious clan, who seemingly fight with dangerous sandworms and other nasty looking creatures. But all is not what it seems.

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