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Fantasia 2017: First wave announcement

Here are the East Asian films that were announced among the first wave of films that will be screened at this year’s Fantasia International Film Festival. This 21st edition will run from July 13 – August, 2017.

Opening night screenings

Jung Byung-gil’s THE VILLAINESS


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Takao – Chthonic

Chthonic is a metal band from Taiwan that also incorporates traditional Chinese instruments like the Erhu. I think they’re the most well known metal band out of Taiwan. Their songs often cover parts of Taiwanese history. Their frontman Freddy Lim is an elected politician now, which isn’t too surprising given his political activism in the past. Although I’m not sure how active the band can be now that Lim is an elected official.

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The Arti: The Adventure Begins Fantasia 2015 review

artiThe Arti: The Adventure Begins / 奇人密碼-古羅布之謎 /
Qírén mìmǎ-gǔ luóbù zhī mí (2015)
Director: Huang Wen Chang
Screenplay: Huang Liang Hsun
Cast: Huang Wen Tze, Ricky Hsiao, A-Lin

Taiwan continues the tradition puppet theatre or “glove puppetry” which is the literal translation of budaixi. Their latest effort comes from the renowned Huang’s family company, Pili International Multimedia. It’s a wuxia that combines puppets and CGI to create an epic adventure. The story is about Mo, his sister, Tong, and a wooden robot named Arti-C that was inherited from their father. Arti-C is very capable at martial arts but Mo’s father was accused of treason and killed for having built it. Mo notices that Arti-C is beginning to deteriorate when he prematurely shuts down during a fight. This is because his power source, known as the Origin, is not infinite and is beginning to wane. Mo must find a way to replace Arti-C’s power source and it turns out it can be found in the territory of a mysterious clan, who seemingly fight with dangerous sandworms and other nasty looking creatures. But all is not what it seems.

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Festival du Nouveau Cinema October 8-19

The Festival du Nouveau Cinema (October 8-19) will have a small but notable selection of East Asian films, some of which come from TIFF’s recent lineup. Update: I have seen the “The Tale Of Princess Kaguya” and I highly recommend it for animated fans and those who like Japanese folktales and traditional painting. Studio Ghibli does not disappoint with beautiful art direction and memorable characters. Continue reading “Festival du Nouveau Cinema October 8-19”

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Cyr Wheel street performer in Taiwan filmed by Kuma Films

Isaac Hou is a street performer in Taiwan, check out the amazing feats he does with a Cyr wheel. It was filmed by Kuma Films, two brothers, Todd & Joe Robbins from Utah who like to travel and film amazing performers. They’ve been filming videos of different performers in Taiwan and have amassed a following both in Taiwan and the USA. They also helped Dawen film a music video there as well.


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The Boar King review World Film Festival 2014

The Boar King (2014)
Director : Chen-Ti Kuo
Screenwriter : Chen-ti Kuo
Cinematographer : Bodo Zheng
Editor : Tse-wen Cheng
Cast : Yi-ching Lu, Chen-nan Tsai, Soda Voyu, l-ting Wu
Music : Cin-cin Lee

The film takes place in a southern village in the mountainous region of Taiwan in the aftermath of a typhoon (a real occurrence that happened in 2009). A father goes missing leaving his wife and daughter who believe him to be dead. Then they find out that invitations to a gathering have been received by other villagers in the father’s handwriting. There isn’t much of a story and what does happen is a very slow burn. We see the characters go through their daily routines. The mother tries to get the hot springs resort that they own working again and the daughter begins to experience a bit of romance. Continue reading “The Boar King review World Film Festival 2014”