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Major East Asian Languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean

This was written some time in the past (like maybe a year ago) with updates over the course of my learning although I’ve been pretty lazy about it recently.

A comparison of the major East Asian languages of Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese & Korean

These are some initial thoughts from a native English speaker’s perspective. I am most experienced with learning Chinese (having taken courses and visited China). More recently I took some beginner Japanese classes and have read up on my own about Korean. I have learned a fair amount about the pronunciations but can only say really basic sentences in Japanese and nothing significant in Korean. I have read about the basic “correct” sentence structure and grammar that isn’t actually spoken (i.e. devoid of honorifics and conjugations). I have an idea of the different conjugations and how honorifics changes them.

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Rachel interviews Chika and Melodee

Rachel interviews Chika (youtube channels Japanagos / Bilingirl) and Melodee, a TV reporter & ballet dancer, who also has a youtube channel. The main topic being about their experiences in Japan and the difficulties they encountered due to not having grown up in Japan. A Japanese term, Kikokushijo, describes a Japanese person who returns to Japan from a long time living aboard. Interesting stuff.

and part 2…

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How Asian are your parents? – Double Chen show

This was a fun quiz from Mike, Dan and guest Cheryl. I like that she is guesting on their channel more since she offers a different perspective and often contrasts with either Dan and Mike on different points. Although, like with most guests, Dan & Mike tend to dominate the conversations a bit too much at times and end up relegating the guest to only a cursory nod or head shake.

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Anastasia Lin is Canada’s Miss World candidate but China may not be pleased

The Globe and Mail reports that Anastasia Lin, Canada’s candidate for Miss World, has been warned by her father who still lives in China not to continue speaking about China’s poor human rights record. Her father has apparently received threats from Chinese officials. Although her mother lives in Canada and is divorced from her father, Lin is concerned that her father’s livelihood will be affected but she does not intend to stop talking about politics in relation to China. In an ironic twist, this year’s edition of the pageant will be held in China.

Congrats to her for winning but as she wonders herself, will China give her visa to enter China for the final competition? You can also listen to her in this CBC radio segment and find out more from this Epoch Times article. Continue reading “Anastasia Lin is Canada’s Miss World candidate but China may not be pleased”

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Asian Canadians who are famous in Asia but not in Canada

It’s not surprising that Asian Canadians will gravitate towards Asia as opposed to Canada when it comes to entertainment aspirations. The article from the National Post also has a lot of Godfrey Gao pictures for some reason. It’s pretty telling when the only North American movie photos of Godfrey that are included are ones from a 2013 movie that flopped. The writer should’ve balanced the number of Godfrey pics with as many pic of the lovely G.NA but that’s just my opinion. Sera is another lovely Asian Canadian who was in the Kpop group 9muses but not any more so it makes sense that she is not in the article.

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Mai Duong, leukemia patient, finds compatible cord donor after long search

Here’s a link to the CBC article about Mai Duong, a Vietnamese Canadian in Montreal, who is suffering from Leukemia. There has been a search for a compatible donor for months. A bone marrow donor would be preferable but there may be enough stem cells from the umbilical cord. Her public campaign has helped increase the number Asian blood and tissue donors but it’s still a very small percent of the total.

Here’s a talk segment on the French TV program “Tout le Monde En Parle” (The whole world is talking about it) with Mai Duong. Yes, it’s in French. Most of what she talks about is found in the article link above. To briefly summarize, the umbilical cord is a plan C (plan A was her brother who was not compatible and plan B was an anonymous donor tissue donor). The umbilical cord comes from somebody not from North America and that by law she cannot know or will never meet the donor of the umbilical cord.  There are risks with the procedure using the umbilical cord stem cells such as infections. She also says that her baby daughter knows she’s sick but not the extent of it. Whenever the daughter sees her on TV or in a newspaper, she asks “Why is mama on TV?” to which she or others respond that people like watching her.