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VesperArcade – Fighting game youtube channel

VesperArcade is a youtube channel hosted by Vesper, an Asian Canadian. He covers various fighting games. I’ve been watching mostly his Street Fighter V videos since I find his commentary interesting. As someone who played Street Fighter II: Special Champion’s Ed on the Genesis, I have been watching competitive Street Fighter matches recently and been enjoying them.

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Random post about Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy, perhaps the most popular Japanese RPG video game series, has been on my mind lately. Part of that is due to the upcoming Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds concert tour stop in Montreal on February 11, 2017, which I hope to go to. However, what really rekindled my interest were the releases of some of the games on PC via Steam last spring, namely FFIX and FFX & X-2. I ended up purchasing both and also FFVI during Steam’s Christmas sale. I spent some time in December and January playing them.

My JRPG experience isn’t very extensive. During the 16-bit era, I had a Sega Genesis, which didn’t have many RPG games (like the SNES did) but I did rent Phantasy Star IV. Despite not knowing what the heck to do (the rental copy didn’t have the instruction manual) I was actually very enthralled with it. I ended up dying in some dungeon all the time because I didn’t know how to heal myself. Before this game, I had zero interest in RPGs but it would be a while before I would play another one.

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Vanoss Gaming – Evan Fong

VanossGaming is one of the most popular youtube channels and it was created by Evan Fong from Toronto. He has slightly more subscribers than NigaHiga, who at one point had the most subscribers. Currently both channels have 16+ million subscribers (closer to 17 million). I have not followed youtube recently but Fong’s success seems to have happened relatively quickly. There’s one interesting article from the Finanical Post that gives some background. His channel mainly consists of video game footage of him and his friends playing with commentary from them. It’s like listening in on a bunch of guys just having fun playing video games. It’s edited to show the funny moments.

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Jamie Cheng – founder of Klei Entertainment

While I was familiar with Klei Entertainment, I didn’t actually realize they were an independent Canadian video game developer based in Vancouver until recently. Jamie Cheng is the founder of the company and his goal in creating the company was to deliver games without having to work a crazy amount of overtime as is often the case in the super competitive video game industry. He wanted a company that offers stability where people who worked there could also raise a family. I recently came across a video and article from 2013 that gave some details about this.

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Final Fantasy: A New World concert review

This is a bit late but with all the Fantasia film reviews and Just for Laughs review, I decided to delay this for a bit.

A New World: intimate music from FINAL FANTASY is a new concert of final fantasy music. Last year it sold out at Otakuthon. It returned this year with two showings at Montreal Comic Con on July 3. The New World concert differs from Distant Worlds in that music is composed for a chamber ensemble while the latter is performed by a larger symphonic orchestra. Along with conductor Arnie Roth, there were 11 musicians. The instruments were piano, guitar, a string quintet (2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello, 1 double bass), a woodwind trio (a flute and the other instruments I wasn’t sure, maybe a clarinet and tuba, or some type of horn) and another person who did various percussion instruments and electronic keyboard.

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