9-Man Documentary Review [Recommended]

9-man9-Man (2014)
Director & Cinematographer: Ursula Liang

This award winning documentary screened at the Festival du nouveau cinéma (FNC) in Montreal but unfortunately I could not go to the particular times chosen for the screenings. I had heard of this documentary before (it was released in Spring 2014) so I did recognize it when it was listed as part of FNC’s lineup. I recently purchased a digital copy of it online (DRM free) from the 9-Man store and am glad that I did. The documentary is interesting and portrays a significant but not necessarily well known part of the Chinese North American past and present. That being a unique variation of volleyball called 9-Man which you guessed it features 9 players on each side of the court but also enforces a minimum number of Chinese players be present on every team along with other play rule variations / techniques.

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Blood and Water, Chinese Canadian TV series on OMNI

This new crime drama filmed in Vancouver and Toronto depicts a mostly Chinese cast who speak English, Mandarin and Cantonese and will run for 8 episodes, 30 mins each. CBC radio had a short feature about it just today and you can read the following link for more info about the TV show. It premieres Sunday, Nov 8 at 10pm on OMNI 2. Here’s OMNI’s page for the TV show.

Goodbye Mr. Loser Chinese Movie begins October 9 at Cineplex Forum

Goodbye Mr. Loser is a comedy based on a theatre play about a man who gets to relive his teenage life a second time. It’s not a new premise but maybe China has a new twist on the formula. Apparently the theatre play was quite popular. As usual, it’s distributed by the folks at China Lion Entertainment. Besides screening at Cineplex Forum in Montreal starting October 9. It will also begin screenings at various theatres in Canada and USA.

Coming Home at Cineplex Forum starting October 2

Coming Home is the latest movie by renowned director Zhang YiMou who reunites with his frequent lead actress Gong Li and actor Chen Dao Ming (Hero, Infernal Affairs III). It takes place during the last days of the cultural revolution where a husband returns to his wife who has developed amnesia and cannot recognize him. It starts playing at Cineplex Forum in Montreal on Friday, October 2 and also plays in theatres in Toronto and Vancouver.

Festival du nouveau cinema October 7 – 18, 2015

The Festival du nouveau cinema (October 7 – 18) has just released its lineup and it has some great choices amongst its East Asian movie selection.

Here are my selected picks but be sure to visit the main website for all the showings.

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Jamie Cheng – founder of Klei Entertainment

While I was familiar with Klei Entertainment, I didn’t actually realize they were an independent Canadian video game developer based in Vancouver until recently. Jamie Cheng is the founder of the company and his goal in creating the company was to deliver games without having to work a crazy amount of overtime as is often the case in the super competitive video game industry. He wanted a company that offers stability where people who worked there could also raise a family. I recently came across a video and article from 2013 that gave some details about this.

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The Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon – Rediscovering a favorite

I recently purchased the blu ray of the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon. It contains the full series which consists of two seasons on 4 discs. Although I was aware of the introduction of some Asian characters in the show, I totally had no idea how some of the most important crew behind the scenes were actually half Asian and/or Asian American until I watched the special features. Victor Cook is half Korean and was a supervising producer (with Greg Weisman) and supervising director. Sean “Cheeks” Galloway is half Taiwanese and was the lead character designer and supervisor. Myra Owyang was the assistant editor. Mako Sujishi was a music mixer. In the voice cast, Asian Canadian Andrew Kishino voiced Ned Lee and Kenny Kong. Kelly Hu voiced Sha Shan Nguyen.

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Mountain climbing documentary “Meru” now screening at Cinema du Parc & Cineplex Forum

Documentary Meru begins screenings today at Cinema du Parc for at least one week and is also screening at Cineplex Odeon in Montreal and in other theaters across North America. It’s directed by husband and wife Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhely. It won the audience award for best US documentary at this year’s Sundance. It follows Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk in their goal to climb the Shark’s Fin on Mount Meru in India in 2011 after a failed attempt in 2008. In the past 30 years, no other mountain in the Himalayas has had more failed attempted by elite climbing teams. Due to its harsh conditions and nightmarish obstacles, Shark’s Fin on Mount Meru is possibly considered the ultimate challenge in mountain climbing.

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