Most Popular Cooking Video Channels on Youtube

This a simple list of the most popular Asian cooking channels on Youtube. All videos have English audio except where noted. My criteria for the channels chosen is mostly based on number of subscribers with some exceptions (I take the variety of recipes into account somewhat and whether the channel continues to post new videos). I can’t vouch for the quality of the recipes or instructions but it all looks delicious. On with the list… Continue reading Most Popular Cooking Video Channels on Youtube

Pali Road

Pali Road is a an upcoming mystery film directed by Jonathan Lim. It’s the first Chinese-Hawaiian co-production and was a nominee for best narrative at HIFF. It stars Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen (You Are the Apple of my Eye), Jackson Rathbone and Sung Kang (Fast & Furious, The Motel, Better Luck Tomorrow). Some other notable Asian American veterans include Tzi Ma and Elizabeth Sung.

Some news articles: Hollywood ReporterVariety


Nguyen-Anh Nguyen (interview) is a Montreal based director. He was the director & producer of that awesome Akira fan trailer. His next project is a sci-fi thriller short called Temple. He released a teaser for it. He had a trailer for it too but that is now set to private since (according to the facebook page) it seems that there are other parties who want to help develop it into a feature film.

By 2085, ocean levels have risen to a point that entire coastal cities and islands have been submerged. On an island megalopolis, a genetic virus and cybernetic beings are threatening the survival of its population. Oz, a health services employee, must find a way to survive amidst the swelling chaos.


9-Man Documentary Review [Recommended]

9-man9-Man (2014)
Director & Cinematographer: Ursula Liang

This award winning documentary screened at the Festival du nouveau cinéma (FNC) in Montreal but unfortunately I could not go to the particular times chosen for the screenings. I had heard of this documentary before (it was released in Spring 2014) so I did recognize it when it was listed as part of FNC’s lineup. I recently purchased a digital copy of it online (DRM free) from the 9-Man store and am glad that I did. The documentary is interesting and portrays a significant but not necessarily well known part of the Chinese North American past and present. That being a unique variation of volleyball called 9-Man which you guessed it features 9 players on each side of the court but also enforces a minimum number of Chinese players be present on every team along with other play rule variations / techniques.

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Coming Home at Cineplex Forum starting October 2

Coming Home is the latest movie by renowned director Zhang YiMou who reunites with his frequent lead actress Gong Li and actor Chen Dao Ming (Hero, Infernal Affairs III). It takes place during the last days of the cultural revolution where a husband returns to his wife who has developed amnesia and cannot recognize him. It starts playing at Cineplex Forum in Montreal on Friday, October 2 and also plays in theatres in Toronto and Vancouver.

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