Somewhere Only We Know screenings start February 13 at Cineplex Forum

This is a romantic movie directed by Xu Jinglei, a well respected actor and director. It stars Kris Wu and Wang Likun. Kpop fans may be familiar with Kris, ex member of the boyband EXO (or more specifically EXO-M). He also happens to be Canadian. As usual, China Lion Entertainment is the North American distributor.

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Julie Chu, Jessica Wong, Jessica Koizumi, Asian North American born hockey players of the CWHL

Julie Chu is an Asian American professional hockey player. She’s achieved many great feats in women’s hockey (just check out her Wikipedia page) including having won multiple medals in International hockey and the Olympics. I had no idea that she’s been playing for Montreal Stars of the CWHL since 2010. CWHL hockey players are not paid and like other players Julie has a full time job and sacrifices a lot to also play hockey. Although I had heard of Julie Chu years back, Mister Vee recently introduced me to the Montreal Stars and I have gone to a couple of games with him. The first game I saw was not looking good in the first two periods but then the 3rd period got crazy halfway through. The Stars were down by 3 goals and pulled their goalie with like 10 minutes left. They managed to tie the game with Julie Chu assisting of the first two goals then scoring the tying goal herself on a nice feed from Caroline Ouellet. It eventually went to a long shootout that the Stars won.

The second game I saw, the Stars were not so fortunate and they lost to a Calgary team that seemed much faster (or maybe the Stars were just really sluggish). I guess with all those helmets on, I did not notice that Calgary had a Chinese Canadian hockey player named Jessica Wong (hailing from Baddeck, Nova Scotia) who was drafted first overall in 2013 and has had success at international tournaments. She plays defense and is doing well on a very high scoring Calgary team.

While looking through the CWHL website, I also noticed another Asian American player named Jessica Koizumi who plays forward for the Boston Blades but apparently also played for the Montreal Stars in the past. She is the first player to reach 50 career points for the Boston team.

The next Montreal Stars home game is Saturday February 21 and it is also their annual Breast Cancer fundraising game so go out there and support them!

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Running Man movie begins screening January 30

China Lion Entertainment continues with its distribution of newly released Chinese movies with one or two every month. The latest is Running Man, it appears to be a movie length version of an episode of the Chinese variety TV show, which itself is a spin-off of the Korean variety TV show of the same name. I’ve only see the original Korean version, which I have liked. I have not seen the Chinese version.

As usual in Montreal it will screen at Cineplex Forum and in various other cities in USA and Canada.

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Monstress by Marjorie Liu & Sana Takeda comic book to debut in summer 2015

I’ve heard of Marjorie Liu but have not read anything by her. Liu is a novelist (many paranormal romance novels) but has also written comics for Marvel. Sana Takeda is an artist and has done work for Marvel too. They both worked together on X-23 and they’ll be debuting a new creator owned series with Image Comics called Monstress.

I’m intrigued by the fantasy element and alternate Asia circa 1900s setting after reading about it in Liu’s interview and the art looks amazing. Summer seems so long from now. I will definitely buy and support this when it comes out.

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The Search for General Tso (or Tsao or Tao or…) documentary

It was inevitable, a documentary about about the ubiquitous and defining “Chinese” dish of North American Chinese restaurants. Looks interesting.

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Love on the Cloud screening starting on Christmas at Cineplex Forum

Here’s another comedy featuring young, hot actors and actresses. However, like some more recent romantic comedies it’s incorporating the internet into its story. It’s directed by Gu ChangWei and stars Angelababy and Chen He. Angelababy is likely known to those who follow Hong Kong cinema and celebrity news. I’m not familiar with the male actor Chen He. It’s playing now at Cineplex Forum in Montreal and across other cities in Canada and USA. It is distributed by China Lion. Check the trailer below.

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Back in Time (Congcong NaNian) screening at Cineplex Forum starting December 19

Back in Time (also translated as Fleet of Time) looks to be one of those young coming of age romance stories that seem popular these days. It is directed by Zhang YiBai and stars Eddie Peng (a Taiwanese Canadian actor) and Ni Ni. The theme song is sung by Faye Wong. The film was a big box office hit in China and is now screening at Cineplex Forum in Montreal and other theatres in Canada and USA. Here’s the synopsis from China Lion’s website.

“Based on the best selling novel series by Jiu Ye Hui (later adapted into a popular web series), a man (Eddie Peng) looks back on his life growing up in Beijing during the 1980s. Recounting his experiences to a wedding photographer, he recounts the bad, the good and how the support of those around him — and that one true love — allowed him to endure. He realizes the heartache felt in breaking up with her has made him the man he is today, for better or worse, and he looks toward the future to try and change who he is.”

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