How Asian are your parents? – Double Chen show

This was a fun quiz from Mike, Dan and guest Cheryl. I like that she is guesting on their channel more since she offers a different perspective and often contrasts with either Dan and Mike on different points. Although, like with most guests, Dan & Mike tend to dominate the conversations a bit too much at times and end up relegating the guest to only a cursory nod or head shake.

The score I gave my parents for this was 9 out of 21 but I thought there were one or two glaring omissions and some questions that could have accounted for alternate situations.

“Owned a restaurant” could have had, “Worked in a restaurant” as an alternative because obviously not everybody is in a position to be an owner. If you wanted to make it more pan-Asian you could add the laundromat owner stereotype or the nail salon owner stereotype for Vietnamese. Actually I think the laundromat stereotype isn’t so prevalent these days and has been replaced by convenience store owner. The “Don’t eat out often” alternative could’ve been “Only eat at Chinese/Asian restaurants.”

The biggest omission in my opinion is, “Forced you to play piano, violin or some other instrument.” To me this is a near universal experience for most Asian kids. Also “Enrolled you in Chinese school on the weekend or just a general Sunday school of some sort. I guess it would only really apply to Chinese since there weren’t any other Asian language schools on weekends.”

Fox Day

Apparently I have been living a lie, I used to cower in fear of April Fool’s Day but according to BABYMETAL April 1st is actually Fox Day! I can get behind this although foxes are thought to be clever tricksters…okay I guess that doesn’t really change anything. But while I continue to cower in fear of potential pranks and especially pranks by foxes, I can at least enjoy listening to BABYMETAL! Oh and they are also releasing an album today.

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Chocolate Xiao Long Bao? – Strictly Dumpling

This is from over a year ago but I just recently found out about this channel. In this video, Mike tries out some great soup dumplings in Flushing and apparently chocolate soup dumplings? Never could I have ever imagined such a food/dessert to exist. Unfortunately, I heard the chocolate is in the form of Nutella, which I don’t like. But that’s just me as I’m sure most think Nutella is great.

Only Yesterday opens March 18 @ Cinema du Parc

Only Yesterday is an old Studio Ghibli movie from the 90s that gets an official release in North America for the first time this month. Those in Montreal can watch it at Cinema du Parc! starting on March 18. There will screenings of both the dubbed version and the original Japanese version with English subtitles. I’m a purist so I’ll opt to watch the latter.

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