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I generally don’t post about youtube personalities (because I don’t follow them much any more) but since I had posted a video of JeffreyFever in the past, I randomly thought I’d see what he’s been up to lately. He’s from Montreal and has been in some past BFTE shows. Last year he made a big decision to move to the USA to pursue his dreams of being an entertainer. It takes a lot of courage to do that and it looks like through all the struggles there have been successes. He made a video summarizing what he accomplished in 2014.

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David Choi in Montreal   Leave a comment

Having checked his tour dates earlier and not seeing Montreal, I assumed he wouldn’t be coming but I was informed quite last minute that he had added a show to Montreal this past Tuesday, courtesy of the McGill Chinese Students’ Society. I had previously seen David Choi in Toronto when he was touring for his last album, Forever and Ever. This was also when I had the chance to meet him briefly after the show and he kindly recorded a radio drop for Beats from the East.

His latest tour also coincides with a new album release, Stories of You’s and Me. I was not familiar with this latest one as I have not really been keeping up with Asian American musicians so I was hearing these new songs for the first time and they sounded great live. My favourite is probably All I Need, which is the main single. Although it’s been a while since I listened to his last album I felt that these new songs were different but retained the honesty that David Choi has always infused his lyrics with. Having a full band backing him makes for more enjoyable songs. David also played some past hits like That Girl, By My Side and Missing Piece. David performed By My Side for two fans, a recent husband and wife, who got to dance on stage. In another audience related moment, he invited a fan to teach him some dance moves. Said fan prompted David to twerk on stage (probably a first for him at a show). That was funny and the fan girls loved it, of course. Read the rest of this entry »

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Asian Canadians who are famous in Asia but not in Canada

It’s not surprising that Asian Canadians will gravitate towards Asia as opposed to Canada when it comes to entertainment aspirations. The article from the National Post also has a lot of Godfrey Gao pictures for some reason. It’s pretty telling when the only North American movie photos of Godfrey that are included are ones from a 2013 movie that flopped. The writer should’ve balanced the number of Godfrey pics with as many pic of the lovely G.NA but that’s just my opinion. Sera is another lovely Asian Canadian who was in the Kpop group 9muses but not any more so it makes sense that she is not in the article.

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Ru by Kim Thuy wins Canada Reads

The theme of this year’s Canada Reads contest was to choose a book to break barriers. After daily heated debates broadcasted on CBC, the last novel standing was Ru by Kim Thuy, a Vietnamese Canadian author who lives in Longueuil, a suburb of Montreal. Ru is originally a French novel, which won the Governer General’s Award for French Fiction in 2010 and was recently translated into English by Sheila Fischman. Two of the panelists also happen to be Asian Canadians, Kristin Kreuk and Elaine “Lainey” Lui who were arguing for other books, Intolerable and When Everything Feels Like the Movies, respectively. Lainey was one of two panelists arguing in the finale along with Cameron Bailey, who was arguing for Ru.

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The Princess Who Saved Herself kickstarter

Greg Pak and Takeshi Miyazawa (who’s Japanese Canadian) already have a children’s book called The Princess Who Saved Herself written and drawn and have a kickstarter for funding the printing of physical copies. The book is based on the song of the same name by Johnathan Coulton.

It’s already way past its funding goal with 9 days left but it looks like a great book to get for one’s own little princess or as a gift.


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Lost and Love in North American theatres starting March 20

This looks like a pretty good and interesting movie about child abduction in China. It is directed by Peng SanYuan and stars Andy Lau and Jing BoRan. It’ll be at Cineplex Forum in Montreal starting Friday March 20th and other North American cities. Check out China Lion Entertainment for more info.

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Amiibo rap – Hot Chocolate Party

So Amiibos are apparently hot items. They appear to just be figurines of popular Nintendo characters but their scarcity was enough to inspire this amusing rap. One of the members is Asian American, Alex Vergel.

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