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Fantasia 2018 – 2nd wave

Fantasia will present a 35mm print of the 1989 Hong Kong classic The Blonde Fury with star Cynthia Rothrock in attendance, who rose to stardom in the Hong Kong action scene of the 80s.

The world premiere of Satoshi Miki’s film Louder!: Can’t Hear What You’re Singin’, Wimp will take place at Fantasia. This musical comedy marks the return of the director from a five year film making hiatus.

The Canadian premiere of Searching stars John Cho in a film that uses a unique storytelling approach of computer screens and social media.

Southeast Asia is represented by two action films, the Vietnamese superhero click Loi Bao by Victor Vu from Vietnam (North American premiere) and the Filipino cops & drugs actioner Buybust by Erik Matti

Two more anime films were announced, the world premiere of the horror film, Aragne: Sign of Vermillion by Saku Sakamoto and the international premiere of Penguin Highway by Hiroyasu Ishida

The rare entry from China called People’s Republic of Desire by Hao Wu will have it’s Quebec premiere.

Other East Asian films include The Vanished by Lee Chang-Hee (North American premiere), Being Natural by Tadashi Nagayama, Amiko by Yoko Yamanaka, and One Cut of the Dead by Shunichiro Ueda.

See the full press release for all the other films.

Trailers after the jump

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A Moonless Night: Boat People, 40 Years Later @ Cinema du Parc; Nov 21-27

This is a Quebec made documentary about the Vietnamese boat people. The film directors Thi Be Nguyen and Marie-Hélène Panisset along with different guests will be at the screenings at Cinema du Parc. It will play with English or French subtitles depending on the screening.

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The Monkey King Animation – Indiegogo campaign

I received the following message recently about an Indiegogo campaign to produce a Monkey King animated pilot. Check it out and contribute if you like it.

Hi Film Beats. I am reaching out to you on behalf of the Vietnamese American Media Network (VAMNtv) a new English- and US-based Vietnamese American network. We are currently producing an animation series: Kong’s Journey — based on one of China’s Four Great Classical Novels — “Journey to the West”.

You have a solid understanding of the Asian American film industry and Hollywood. We are crowdfunding to raise $250K to produce a 22-minute pilot episode. We have potential investors overseas for this project — but it is contingent on whether they think there will be enough interest in the project.

We are asking for your support to visit our crowdfunding campaign for Kong’s Journey and to share the campaign with your readers to help us make the project a reality.

We truly feel that we need your support and cannot reach our goal without it. Thank you in advance for your support and we look forward to keeping you posted with our good news.

Kevin T Nguyen

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Montreal World Film Festival schedule released August 27-September 7

The schedule for the Montreal World Film Festival is now online. I’ve already highlighted some films in this previous post and on twitter. Here are filtered search results to films from South Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Nepal.

Some trailers and film picks after the jump.

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Fantasia 2012 festival in review

Fantasia 2012, total films seen: 21

This was a really good year (certainly better than last year) but there were also quite a few films that I wanted to watch but couldn’t because of my schedule. Honestly, I felt like there were just way too many films and it was a bit overwhelming trying to pick a reasonable number of them to watch.

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Fantasia 2012 review: Blood Letter

Blood Letter (2011)
Director: Victor Vu ; Screenplay: Victor Vu, Bui Anh Tan
Cast: Huynh Dong, Van Trang, Midu, Khuong Ngoc, Minh Thuan

As far as first efforts go, this is a good entry into the historical Wu Xia (or perhaps a more appropriate word is kiem hiep, Vietnamese for sword fighting) genre from Vietnam. The fighting is decent, not necessarily fast but fairly convincing. Some fights do look obviously choreographed with the odd hit sort of missing yet doing uber damage. There is a bit too much slow-mo also but at least the action is framed well and not obscured with silly camera angles.

I would say that the comedic interactions between the male and female leads are what end up being the most enjoyable. The female lead is particularly feisty with and without a sword. The villains are fine and get the job done. Continue reading “Fantasia 2012 review: Blood Letter”

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CBC interview with Montreal actor Thai-Hoa Le (Pearls of the Far East)

Pearls of the Far East on Saturday at Amerasia was sold out. I found out the hard way by coming last minute and being denied entry. Can you believe that??? MovieMan Daze denied entry into a movie?!??!?!?  Hah, that’s sarcasm by the way.

There will be another screening added next Sunday, will update this post when they announce the new screening time.

In the meantime, check out this CBC interview with one of the actors, Thai-Hoa Le (he’s from Montreal!).